video production, 2D animation & video editing
on vimeo & youtube


staging, direction, editing, & audio mastering
pastiche based on Maya Deren’s & Marcel Duchamp’s “The Witch’s Cradle” (1940)



lighting, concept, direction, editing, glitch FX & mastering
filmed using my living room as a blacked-out sound stage



a pastel-goth version of the same video to match the minimal, witch house inspired remix of “Body Rapture”



editing & effects
stage visuals for live performance



concept, direction, 2D animation, editing & video FX
3D animation by Hairy Monster: Digital Arts (Glasgow)



compiled & edited stock HD nature footage
3D animation by Hairy Monster



stage visuals for live projection at public performances



graphically violent news clips highlight the dark message of this song from HAZE THE DEVIL